Tuesday, 31 July 2007

What a lot of words

I'm learning lots of new words, I know my name – it's Hebe by the way; I know "No" – I don't like that one and I seem to hear it a lot; I think I know "come here" and "drop" means that whatever I'm carrying is about to be removed – again I don't much like that one. "Good girl" I hear a lot and I like that one because it's usually with a cuddle and I like lots of those.

Today I met a new beast it's called a hoover. It makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason, not sure I like that either but the girls don't seem to mind.

I like it here. I was a bit lonely to begin with and I missed my playmates but I've got loads of toys and I don't have to share them which is great.

By the way the flashing thing (Juno says it's a camera) has been out again so some new photos soon...

Monday, 30 July 2007

I've joined a choir.

We practice at dawn or in the early morning. I'm not sure I understand this, I get a-aahed at for barking in the house and the other dogs scowl at me when I yip to invite them to play but then I asked to be let out this morning and the big grey one joined in and then Boss Juno did too but not my friend Maia. We sang for a couple of verses and then we all went out to play on the big grassy area. Then it was breakfast and then outside again and then – oh it was all too much I had to go to sleep.

Oh, wow a puppy all of my very own.

This is fantastic. We run, we play, I get to finish her meals of which there seem to be loads more than I get. And when she's asleep I get to play with the Girl and I'm getting extra cuddles which is great.

Ho Hum.

I'm not sure about this at all.
Blasted puppy keeps waking me up and yipping at me, I growl back and it stops but I have a feeling it's going to take a while for it to learn its manners. But on the plus side I've been allowed back on the sofa and anything that prompts that is, I suppose, alright by me. Monday morning is going almost like normal we're back in the office and I can have a good sleep. My sister Polly came to visit - her Janey wanted to see the puppy. Pol and I had a good grumpy old dog session, she's been staying with family who've got a Rottweiler puppy which she says has very big teeth - at least we've not got big teeth...yet.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big news - new start

On Thursday big brother Dan went away with some people. On Saturday my people came and I left the rest of my litter behind and started on my new life. I was sad to leave them and I don’t think they really wanted me to go but this is what we’ve been getting ready for.
After a short time in a moving box - they tell me it’s called a car – we arrived at my new home. I was carried into a large room with lots of furniture and then a Labrador came to greet me. I like her a lot, she’s called Maia. After we’d said hello we then went into a different room and there was another Labrador and a huge grey dog she's an Irish Wolfhound, I’m not sure about her she’s a bit big and rather standoffish. I ran around and around and played with Maia and barked at Juno (she’s the other Labrador) but it’s been a very busy day so I fell asleep under the table.
When I woke up I went outside, the other Labradors came too, we explored the garden it’s got loads of places to hide and things to pick up and run around with and loads of space to dash backwards and forwards, oh and there are lots of plants to nibble and chew too. So much to do…..

Friday, 27 July 2007

more on 'the cage'

Not sure I approve of developments. Cara cage was moved into my doghouse yesterday. Maia was quite happy hoping in and out but it's taking up space and Cara won't fit in so everyone had to be on the big mattress. It worked out OK though, Maia slept in the cage, I wonder if she'll do that with the pup? And there have been muttering about sorting out the toybox, now that is definitely not acceptable. We do have rather a lot but I think I'll have to hide my favourites.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Big developments

The people hauled Cara's (she's the Irish Wolfhound) cage out of the store room – I helped of course. It was a big thing, we had to move the old trunks, the big box of bonios, log baskets, bins of bird food, big white cushions and then lift up and over the trunks and assorted boxes. It rattled and clanked and finally was out on the landing, covered in lovely cobwebs, while I investigated these to see if any spiders remained the people pushed all the junk back to the end of the store room. Then they carried the cage (or indoor kennel as they insist on calling it) downstairs, the cobwebs got mostly removed and the thing put together. I'd forgotten how big it really is although Cara can't get in it now. Poor her, it's a good place to be as you get treats, food and toys but I'm not that keen on having the door closed behind me.

Monday, 16 July 2007

The Diary of Black Labrador

Maia's first thoughts

I'm getting very excited about the new arrival. I like the idea of having a new play mate although I'm not sure if I want to share all my toys, I do like having Bill around and he's OK with my toys but he goes home at the end of the day and he's not here every day. I'm not sure about having to share The Girl, she promises me that it will be fine – we'll see, I'll have to ask Juno see what she thinks.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Growing up fast -

Sorry, I'm not very good at this diary lark yet. My life is one long round of eating, sleeping and destroying something. But there are some more photos of us all, we get to go outside now. The outside world is a big green place full of lots of friendly people and lot and lots of things to jump on, in, hide under and chew but it all gets a bit too much sometimes and it's nice to fall in a heap with the rest.

One month old

We're all four weeks old now and we've got some photos of us. I'm one of this heap.
We're beginning to annoy mum so we're starting on real food. We've all got a bit more energy now and are beginning to get bored so our people very kindly brought us all of these interesting things to mouth and chew.
(oiginally posted 30 June)