Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank holiday weekend

and we've been out nearly all weekend, but back indoors now so a good time to update the blog.
We've planted, weeded and played in the garden all weekend. And we've been painting some windows a lovely blue / green colour. Maia liked it so much she picked up a bit on her side and has a lovely bluey streak, I think I'd like some blue-lights too - but don't tell my Bean, I think she'd be cross!
It's not all been playtime, I did some practicing with the proper "bring back" stuff, it was very hard but Bean was very happy so that's all right then.
And then I tried to help with the croquet game, those balls are very hard but apparently I'm not supposed to bring those back and had to watch the sidelines - that was not good.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beans been away

It's that time of year, the beans have been away fro a day. it's very stressful, we have to keep watch all day for their return and to double sniff all visitors. Our Amy-Amy let us out and took care of us and gave us our tea (a most important job) but then shut us up again and went away and it was years before our beans returned. Cara had a mad spell of throwing dog bag beds around but Boss Bean wouldn't let me join in.

Welcome back

I know, a veeeerrrrryyyy long time since I last posted anything. But well I've been busy growing up, destroying things - you know the general small labrador sort of thing but I'm nearly two now and have lots more to say, as you can see I have lots more words but still the same interests.